Thursday, 5 April 2012

Duo of Dylusional tags

Hello friends

Hope you are all well,
Happy Easter to you!
Hope you all get a visit from the Easter Bunny!!
I must apologise for neglecting my poor old blog,
 but its the school hols and Ive been spending some much needed family time....
We have also had the contractors in doing some re-decorating, so my house has been literally tipped upside down  but I'm happy to report normal service is reassuming....sort off 
Here's a couple of tags that I got round to doing earlier
I also used a couple of promarkers to colour with too
I outlined the tags with Krylon pens and added some distressed ribbon to finish them off
 As always would love to know what you think so feel free to leave a comment!
Ooo and lookie at this gorgeous, gorgeous phone box.......
I went to a reclamation yard today.....YES i took my paper bag as it was all sooo exciting!!
It was an AMAZING, a place full of treasure...sadly I never bought a thing as it was very expensive

I had Mr Kaz with me too.....he was not playing ball and didn't even bat an eyelid when... 
 at the age of 41, I had a mahooosive a toddler style tantrum, stompin my feet and rolling on the floor screaming" I WANT IT!!"
all because he wouldn't let the phone box come home with me!
MEN! Hummmph!
(So I have to make do with some secret crafty stash I have coming my way,
Shhhh its a secret!)

Righty ho I best go and measure up for the phone box that I cant have.... but i will anyway just in case!
 have yourselves a chocolate feast over Easter
big hugs



  1. The mushrooms are my favourite!! But I did LOL when I read the caption about the peas! lol lol lol
    Ooh a red phone box, I would love one of those!! Have seen some awesome ones on the telly that have been converted into fish tanks and they look FAB!

  2. I LOVE those tags!! ...and the phonebox!!

  3. Ooo I was just reading your post when you left me a comment, as if our paths had crossed! I love your blog, and your tags have awesome colouring on them. Loving your doodles too. I reckon that phone box has seen better days, I'm sure Mr Kaz is waiting for a better one to spoil you with! One you can Holtz up, and use as a crafty cupboard. Yeah, I think I want one now, buggar! Have a great weekend Kaz. Michelle x

  4. Love both your tags Kaz, they're fabulishus!

    Here's what to do about the phone box... Buy it, get a REALLY big cloth, cover up aforementioned phone box, put your lovely typewriter on top of it and pretend it's a very high thin cupboard to tidy away craft stash... sorted! Anna xx

  5. I love the tags but what on earth would you do with the phone box... you must live in a tardis, with all the things you buy??? I think on this occasion I may just be on Mr Kaz's side... sorry!

  6. Great tags and I'm so sorry Mr. Kaz is such a meanie and won't buy you that phone booth...

  7. There is a woman who lives near me and she has a red phone box in her garden, it looks amazing and brilliant with plants all growing round it.
    Naughty Mr Kaz, when a girl has a tantrum, she NEEDS IT!!

    Love those tags, there is free P&P at Dyan's and I was thinking about these toadstools, think I might have a treat... OR a tantrum!!
    Have a fab Easter Family weekend. Debbiexx

  8. Maybe you will get a phone box one day. Lovely tags.

  9. Love your tags and your story about the reclamation yard. First mistake...don't take Mr. Kaz with you!!! They are all party poopers when it comes to buying "stuff" they don't understand. :) haha That reclamation yard looked like oodles of fun. How are you going to explain that telephone booth when you finally save up enough for it? just "appeared". haha Have a wonderful Easter holiday, Kaz! <3 Candy

  10. Love your tags Kaz :D

    PS.... Whatcha gonna do with the 'phone box?

  11. Never never take Mr Kaz with you BIG HUGE mistake . Always shop on your own, buy it, they will never send it back, my other half never does, that's what I did when I purchased this house, I told him afterwards lol. Lve your tags, you use the images and inks so well and these tags are a beautiful combination. Tracy x

  12. I love your post today, made me really laugh out loud! Mr Kaz needs buttering up, methinks. Love your tags today and the sentiments are so funny, hope you have a lovely Easter too. It is a secret......but....I have bought some stash on the quiet too........naughty us.

  13. Love your tag duo! But that phonebox is to DIE FOR!!! I'm with Candy, and some of the other ladies... go solo next time, buy it, and ask forgiveness later... :) I agree... it would look *amazing* in the garden! Enjoy the rest of your school holidays! xxx

  14. These tags are Awesome!! I think it's time I got some of Dy's paints. I saw a video with her demonstrating her stuff--it must have been so cool to meet her! I don't know if you have a Target-but I saw red telephone box bookends there like a few weeks ago. I would've have bought them for my husband if they were blue like the Tardis LOL we love that show! ;) Have a great Easter!

  15. OMG!!! I need to have everything that was in that yard!!! And the telephone box to boot!!! Please ship it all to Canada for me!!! LOL!! Your tags are Fabulous!!! And it sounds like Mr. Kaz is the same as my husband, and here in Canada we would call him a 'putz' LOL!
    I too attempt tantrums, but rarely do they get me anywhere, but it's good to vent! LOL! Ready for a chocolate filled weekend, hope yours if full of it too! (grin). xoxo

  16. Kaz:
    I love these tags, I have been following your blog for a while and I am so excited to see that you are going to the same session of Ranger U that I am so I have a chance to meet you.
    P.S. you definitely have to get the phone box, I have a replica in my store although it is a little small for me to get into. lol

  17. Love the tags they are amazing! As for the phone box do you think they have another and would ship to the US? OMG how perfect that would be for some crafty storage ;)

    Thanx for sharing and for the inspiration!


  18. love the tags, and the frozen peas saying!

    As for the phone box, love salvage yards....but dangerous places...SO many nice things. Love the texture of the paint on it, but its not something you can easily snaffle home! LOL!


  19. love the tags.... very cool colouring... need you 'down under' to show me what to do!!! Happy Easter... our school holidays just started.. my girls are off til the 23rd. need to get hold of the Dylusions product.. will have to order from the states. luv reading your blog - thks for the inspiration. Tracey in NZ

  20. Love the tags, I lurve those toadstools! My new favourite stamp:0)
    Good luck with the telephone box it is brill.

    Happy Easter to you.

  21. Gorgeous tags... I am with you on the phone box thingy, I used to drive past a reclaim yard every day and finally dragged Grim there, we were going to buy a phone box... til we found out they wanted a very lot of ££ for it... so we came away with an old chimey pot instead... I still have that phone box on my wishlist... one day... lotto win and all that lol Enjoy your Easter hunny x

  22. Glad you are enjoying the hols and the loved ones...and stalking out junkyards too - the perfect balance in life...and no doubt waking up every morning with a squeal in the heart about Ranger U!!!!
    All is well here - just busy, busy and living in an utter war zone too - tis madness and takes 30 minutes to find clean to Belgium soon too.
    Great tags - very funky toadstools - and an even greater message. Can I serve the peas frozen? Have just got my holiday wages and am looking forward to a day at CB soon. Will be in touch soon...thanks for calling by in Blogland too. Enjoy yourself! x Sarah

  23. I love the Skulls.
    What a fantastic telephone box x

  24. Just think Kaz of how the phone box would look full of climbing plants!!! An ideal addition alongside your shed.....

  25. I think the phone booth is the most practical thing I've ever seen.... surely a necessity in your craft room! xoxox

  26. Sorry you didn't manage to get you Red Phone Box, I would like a Dr Who Phone box, think the amount of craft stash you would be able to get in to that, and best part is you could travel back and forward in time to go to the craft shows or even leave the men behind lol

    Love your tags, I'm waiting some crafty stash one being Diane's Mushroom stamp set :) love those mushrooms :)

  27. The tags are great. The "give up" one is my favourite. The background colours are very atmospheric

  28. These are mini works of art! I really like your mushrooms in particular - could be a bookcover!


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